Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ah! My Goddess Animebook Manga Download

This is a FULL COLOUR AMG ANIME SPECIAL MANGA translated by protik09 tranlsations ( That's me ! By the way... you may have noticed but I'm somewhat of a narcicisst :P) called MOONLIGHT AND CHEERY BLOSSOMS..... ( As for the storyline... It follows the anime storyline, which I feel has a bit more charm than the manga ;-) ) All righty people enough chitchat ........... Let's hand out the credits for this :

Spanish RAWS: 3Freaks No Fansub ( Give 'em a big hand!)
Editor: protik09 (It's called poetic license :P)
Proofreader: protik09 (Must've done it like 50 times !)
Cleaner: protik09 ( The spell scenes were insanely difficult)
Styles and Fonts: protik09 ( Are they funky or what!!!)
Retouching: protik09 ( Damn... This was the hardest)

And I still managed it in 5 days! Phew... This is called blowing my own trumpet.... :P ...
I'm looking for help, so please apply at

You can download the rest of the Ah! My Goddess volumes, chapters and specials HERE ... ENJOY!!!!!

Download Links:

MOONLIGHT & CHERRY BLOSSOMS - Full or Part 1 - Part2

You may use CDisplay Comic Book Reader to read this manga for best results.
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For understanding the manga better, view the "Glossary of Japanese Words and Phrases used in Manga".

Ah! My Goddess Post <------ Go here for the rest of the volumes,chapters,etc.

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