Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saint Young Men Manga Download

Title: Saint Young Men, Saint Oniisan, Sei Oniisan, Saint ☆ Young Men, Saint ☆ Oniisan, 聖☆おにいさん, 聖・おにいさんGenre(s) : Comedy, Seinen, Slice Of Life
Author :

Saint Oniisan is slice-of-life or divine-life, tale of Jesus and Buddha as they try to experience the modern world, in this case, Japan. The manga places a funny twist on religion, attitudes, culture and customs in Japan through the eyes of Jesus and Buddha.
You see Jesus and Buddha experiencing Asakusa, public baths, theme parks, and the internet. Throughout the manga, we get a little history of their divine greatness only to see their apparent insignificance in modern Japanese society. Suffice to say, before people can recognize that they’re actually Jesus and Buddha, people think of them as someone who looks like Johnny Depp or a guy with a button on his forehead. For real.

*Rolls around on the floor laughing* This is one big laugh riot. Laugh on as Buddha and Jesus try to fit into modern Japanese culture and well.... botch it up!!!! XD

This is a MUST read!!!! XD

Download Links:

Saint_Young_Men_v01_c01[MegChan].zip Saint_Young_Men_v01_c02[MegChan].rar Saint_Young_Men_v01_c03[MegChan].zip Saint_Young_Men_v01_c04[MegChan].rar Saint_Young_Men_v01_c05[MegChan].rar Saint_Young_Men_v01_c06[Book-Book].rar Saint_Young_Men_v01_c07[Book-Book].rar Saint_Young_Men_v01_c08[Book-Book].rar

More yet to be translated......

Keep an eye on this post for new updates...... ^_^
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Anonymous said...

chapter 5-8 is error
plz reupload ... thanks

Anonymous said...

Great manga!!!
Please reload chs 5-8.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

please,translate to indonesian..(^^,)arigatou.God Bless U

Anonymous said...

i found next chapter in, 12 chapter(still ongoing), but must be read. cant download there.

diloarmadilo said...

taking ! thanks a lot ~

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